Frequently Asked Questions

The team that maintains the Kalamazoo Christian Businesses membership directory regularly fields questions about a range of topics. Whether you're interested in adding your business to our listings or you simply want to know more about the types of support that our members provide to Kalamazoo Christian Schools, the answers below aim to provide quick access to common questions.

How do I join?

If you – and your business – support the students, staff and mission of Kalamazoo Christian Schools, you are eligible to be listed in our membership directory. If you would like to pursue having your business listed, the first step is filling out the application form available on our website.

How do these companies support Kalamazoo Christian Schools?

Members of Kalamazoo Christian Businesses support KCS in a range of ways. From having children that currently attend the school to having graduated from the school themselves, our directory contains a selection of businesses, each supporting the mission of KCS in their own unique way.

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