Strength & Shield Mobile Physical Therapy, LLC

We are a Christian, family-owned private physical therapy practice providing a unique service to the Kalamazoo, MI and surrounding area. We do not own a building, we own a car so that we can meet you when and where you need us. We value your time, and want you to have more of it to do what you love. We can give you more of it by completely removing the travel (& waiting) time to the clinic. We provide highly personalized, high-quality physical therapy treatment and wellness programs at the convenience of you, our clients, by coming to you when it works for you. For more, see the Our Services page. We are a cash-based clinic, but we can help you submit these services to your insurance for possible reimbursement and/or for the fees to be counted toward your deductible. For more, see our website.

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Jonathon Strefling, DPT
Phone: 269-276-6742

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  • Health & Wellness
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